Beginning Band in Spring Hill TN

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 This year we will only teach wind instruments: Flute, oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone or Tuba.  (No guitar or percussion).

If you want to learn some percussion technics, join class 4 of Pastor Bob’s other classes to get some experience with percussion instruments learning some technics and rhythm reading.


Beginning Band in Franklin and Columbia

Beginning Band in Franklin and Columbia

Beginner Band is just that – for beginners. However, in order for the student to achieve success, it is important to come into this ensemble already knowing how to put their instrument together as well as some basic care and maintenance. They also need to be able to properly blow through the instrument (embouchure position) and know how to hold it. Just a few private lessons in the beginning will ensure a good start, prevent a boatload of potential problems down the road, and make the whole band experience fun and exciting!  If you cannot do that at this late date…that is ok…we will teach them anyway.


Ages:  10 and Up


Class Time:  

Beginning Spring Hill on Monday’s:  3:10PM to 4:40PM

2nd year Intermediate Band Columbia on Wednesday’s: 2:45-4:00PM

I know what you are saying: AN HOUR AND A HALF FOR BAND?  Yes!  We will not spend an hour an a half with instruments in our mouths:  Here is the break down.

30 minutes:  Woodwind Sectionals and Brass Sectionals

30 minutes:  Music Theory (Pastor Bob’s Way Fun and Educational)

30 minutes:  Playing as a Band


If you have experience and would like to be in a second year class, please note on the registration form.

Intermediate Home School Band Spring Hill TN

Intermediate Home School Band Spring Hill TN

At Home Practice:

Minimum Weekly Home Practice Requirements: 2 hrs.a week.
Students will have a practice chart to fill out or parents may fill out practice chart online.  This is for accountability.


Cost: $5.00 for the first child and the second child of the same family is FREE plus a Book Fee.

You may break this up in monthly or quarterly installments if you like but please pay at the beginning of each month.

This is the only class Pastor Bob will require a yearly cost which you may break up in installments to make it easier.  The reason for this is the commitment that a student and a parent need to make.  Band takes a committment and if you pay $5.00 a week for one child and the second one Free then you may not take the class as serious as if you have already paid for the class.

Nashville Notes Trumpet Players

Nashville Notes Trumpet Players


You will need to rent or purchase an instrument.

(Pastor Bob is willing to look at all instruments if you are purchasing a used instrument)

Pastor Bob will supply the Band Method Book

Black or Silver Music Stand: Fold up Collapsable Music Stand is the easiest