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Home Music And Piano Classes For Columbia TN are meeting at the “Building Block School of the Arts” every Wednesday during the school year in Columbia, TN.  Click the link for location will be listed at the bottom of this page,  beginning Wednesday, September 6, 2017.  Ages are approximate and designed for new students, however multiple ages may be in any of the classes, older students can move quicker through the concepts and need an extra challenge then the younger students do.   The concepts in each class (except the first class) are carefully taught and we spend many weeks practicing what we are learning, so commitment to the classes will guarantee success.  The price for classes in Columbia is a little different then the other classes Pastor Bob teaches.  The price is $5.00 per child, per class paid weekly or monthly.   We will cap the price at $20. if you have more then 4 children involved in the classes.

Note: Times may change depending on the interest and the class sizes:


Class One: 11:00 – 11:40 AM (approx ages 4 to 6 )

  (If a student has been in this class and can write they are welcome to try the next class regardless of age)

Young Children playing xylophone High and Low music play

Young Children playing xylophone High and Low music play

This is my first level class designed for younger children {approx ages 4 to 6 } or students with no prior music experience deals with musical opposites: High, Low, Fast , slow, even, uneven, Loud, Soft, beat, no beat and steady beat. Then we start into steady beat, talk about phrases, steps, skips, accent, a little bit of sol-fedge which is (So1, Do), Conducting (Start, Stop, End).   Up, down, musical movement.  We end the year with learning how to read rhythm in a way the public schools learn it Ta’s and Te, Te’s and rests, (This is called Koda’y).   This is a reduced description,  if you would like to see my complete curriculum guide, I will be happy to share it with you.

Class Two 11:50AM -12:35PM: (approx ages 6 to 7)

Child playing drums learning rhythm in music class(If a student has been in my previous class and understand all of the concepts of the last class they are welcome to try this class regardless of their age.  However they must have a good grip on drawing lines, and writing of the alphabet because we will use it for this age)

My second class{approx ages 6 to 7} (Writing Skills Are Needed in This Class)  Picks up the beginners from the year before and moves them on (This class will eventually require some writing skills, so if a child cannot write the first class would be best for them) We begin with review of rhythm Ta’s and Te, Te’s and rest.  From there we want to identify the rhythm, be able to say, hear, write, play and jump the rhythm .  We will learn how to read the letter notes on a treble clef staff in treble clef to save confusion. We introduce the writing of the staff, drawing a treble clef and play many games to learn the letter names of the notes.  We will read names of  the notes, write the notes, play the notes and learn intervals of steps and skips.  Then we move more into the sol fedge (Do,re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do)  We learn Do, Mi and So.  We learn how to write it, read it, hear it, play it, sing it and jump it. We jump on the staff to make it fun and to help the students visualize where they are moving to.  This is a Great help in teaching students intervals.  We play all sorts of music games with these concepts to drill them in our heads. At the end of the year the students will be able to read, write, play, sing and jump Do, Mi and So  with the rhythms of a quarter, barred eighth notes and a quarter rest added with note heads.

CLASS THREE: 12:45PM -1:30PM (approx ages 8 to 10)

Writing music is an important way to learn concepts in music class

Writing music is an important way to learn concepts in music class

(If a student has completed all the classes before this and understands all of the concepts they are welcome to move to the next class regardless of their age)

(approx. ages 10 to 12) We will review the quarter, barred eighth note and the quarter rest and then we will add three  triplet feel patterns found in compound time (6/8 patterns) We learn to read, perform and play the triplet patterns, and  how to identify the patterns.  We will hear it, read it, play it, write it and Identify it.  We will review reading notes in treble clef and add bass clef this year and talk about the Grand Staff.  They will play it, write it, read it and walk it on the staff.  We will also learn intervals of steps, skips, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,  6th and octave.  Students will be required by the end of the class to find the letter names on the staff and identify it in Bass and Treble clef. Students will also learn about intervals of 2,3,4,5,6,7 and octave.  They will know how to walk the intervals and the names of the notes they are walking to.  Then we start with solfege Do, re, me, and so.  We will learn how to write do, re, me, so,.  They will  understand the sounds of do,re,mi and so.  We will write it on the staff, play it , hear it, sing it and walk it on the staff.  At the end we will take the rhythms from the beginning of the year quarter, barred eighth note, quarter rest and the triplet patterns and mix them with the solfege where we will read the rhythm, read the solfege, play it, jump it sing it and write it…no matter where Do is on the staff. We will be able to play the passage with a moveable do on our mallet orff instruments.  We use games to drill the concepts taught in this music class.

Beginning Piano Class: (Ages 7 on up)  Bring your Own Piano

1:35PM -2:25PM ( Ages 11 and Up)

Pastor Bob teaching piano lessons Spring Hill TNThis is a pre-beginners class which is designed to help you know whether your child is really interested in playing piano or not without breaking your pocketbook.  The class will be a little different because all of the concepts Pastor Bob teaches in Class 2 will be used here but applied to playing the piano.  We will not just sit and read the screen the entire class, but we will learn music by using the piano as our instrument.  Pastor Bob will offer to students who would like to learn piano a beginning piano class.  Note:  You must have a keyboard with speakers that is touch sensitive.  This is a Beginning piano class and will teach the basics of playing the piano.  Pastor Bob will teach this as a class approach so consistency will be important for the class to be success (sickness of course is understood).  The class will move at a slower pace then private lessons, but the price will only be $10.00 a student a week, plus books.    Please come early so you can set up your keyboard.  This year Pastor Bob will take a little different approach to this class.  So, students interested will get some of the fun music theory and the class at the same time. In order not to have to wait around for another class.  If your child shows potential and the class is moving too slow for them, we will suggest for them to start lessons after a placement test with Building Block School of the Arts.


This is a pre- beginners class if you are interested in a more advanced class  please contact Building Block School of the Arts for Private Piano Lessons.


If interested in band click on link to see  band page.


Building Block School of the Arts

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