Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pastor Bob and Debbie

Pastor Bob and Debbie of Cross Generations Church

When Will Classes begin?

All classes will begin the week after labor day weekend.

I do not live in Franklin, Spring Hill, or Antioch area of Nashville, would Pastor Bob consider coming to my area to teach music class?

It depends on the distance and the pay.  Pastor Bob needs to make at least $100.00 a week (more is always nice) and if it is more then 40 miles round trip he may need a little extra for gas expense.  Also, a free large space in order to have classes.  Christian Schools that need a music program one day a week would be a great fit for Pastor Bob’s music classes.

Will my child benefit from these music classes if they are taking private lessons?

Yes!!! Definitely!!!  Too many times parents think that children will learn all of the concepts in a piano lesson, violin lesson or a voice lesson.  It takes a lot of reinforcement to help children understand the concepts in music.  These classes will strengthen their rhythm, reinforce reading the musical alphabet, learn how to hear musical intervals, transpose and eventually play in any key.  Besides the classes are FUN and your children will not feel like they already know everything, so please come even if they are taking private lessons

If I have two children close to the same age, could they be in the same class?

Yes!  If you have two children near the same age, they can start the program together and be together in class.  The only problem is the second class, if children cannot write or draw circles and lines, they have a difficulty keeping up in the second class.

Do my children have to start with the first class?

The first class is designed for young children.  Most second or third grade children understand the concepts taught in my first class.  Children who are usually in second or third grade can start right away in the second class.  I always suggest that older children try the older classes by age and see if you understand everything.  If you do, you  should be able to keep up, because we will review each concept before moving on with that class, so it will not hurt to try to learn with the age group that is listed on the descriptions page.

My Children have been in Pastor Bob’s Music Classes and we have left over music money we have never used, what should we do with it?

You could give it back to Pastor Bob because they will earn more this year….or you could save it for the “auction” “store” around Christmas and spend it then.

We are interested in the piano class but we do not have an electronic piano what could we do?

Email Pastor Bob @ if nobody is using his piano, you may be able to you his piano during class.

We have two children who would like to be in the piano class and one piano what could we do?

Most of the piano’s are large enough for both children to use the piano at the same time, so you should be fine.

We are interested in Pastor Bob teaching Brass lessons, does he give private Brass lessons?

Yes, Pastor Bob charges $10.00 a lesson if the students are involved in his classes and $15.00 a lesson for those not in his classes.

Do we pay monthly or weekly for Pastor Bob’s Music Classes?

You may do either.  Some people feel more comfortable paying weekly and some people feel more comfortable paying monthly.

What if we have a financial problem and cannot pay one month should we just wait and come back after the crisis is over?

NO!  Consistency and reinforcement will help your child learn the best.  Just talk with Pastor Bob privately so he knows what is happening and he will work with your situation, but please do not stop coming

I have a younger child who will be with me at the class what can I do with them?

If they can walk and will not disrupt, they are welcome to join us without a charge in class 1.  They will have to repeat the class when they are older because they do not always understand what we are doing.  All I ask is if they are disruptive and doing something they should not do, please take care of the problem.  If is difficult for me to teach a class and handle a preschool problem.

Do I have to purchase any addition equipment for Pastor Bob’s Home School Music Classes?

No.  Only if you are in  piano class which you have to have a  piano and some books which you will purchase separately.  Pastor Bob will supply all of the equipment needed for the class.  Please help Pastor Bob by encouraging your students to take care of his equipment.

Could I give a donation to help cover expenses of white boards, markers, etc?

Yes, Pastor Bob always has to replace equipment such as white board markers and such and yes you may give toward the expenses of the equipment used in music class.

Who do you write a check to pay for Pastor Bob’s Home School Music Classes?

Just write your check to Bob Gerstenberger

Could I give a donation toward the auction items?

Yes, gently used toys or to give a cash donation to help cover the expenses is appreciated.