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Beginning Thursday, September 7th, 2017


A  reorganized home school tutorial which meets at Lighthouse Christian Ministries at the Lighthouse Lao Baptist Church(see map below)

#homeschoolmusicartwritingcomputermusicclassnashvilletn beginning the Thursday AFTER LABOR Day

Elementary children music game

Elementary children music game


Pastor Bob and Mrs Jennifer will offer Music, Art, Writing and exploring other options for the cost of $5.00 a week for the first child and the second child is FREE per class.


These classes would be Thursday morning starting at 9:00AM the same location as last year’s tutorial. (See Below)


The first Art and Music class is FREE to guests to try out the classes and see if we are a fit for you or not.

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Children playing musical instruments

Children playing musical instruments


You may email Pastor Bob @ for more information about Pastor Bob’s music classes  or visit his Facebook page.

You may Register by following the link to their registration page: Link

Here are the Classes offered at Lighthouse and the times we will offer them


Class Schedule:

Final Schedule:  Below is a form to gauge your interests in our classes.  If you are a teacher and would like to join us in offering a class 

Class Descriptions:

New Class:6th Grade to 12th Grade

($6.00 child one and $4.00 child two)

Research and Report Writing 

Project based learning involves presenting students with a project, complex question or challenge followed by students then attempting to solve the problem through discovery and research. In this class, students will be given a topic and taught how to create an outline that will guide their research and final report. Students will learn how to write a thesis statement, followed by multiple paragraph expository essay. In addition to the essay, students will work with partners to create a digital presentation on their chosen topic. Ages: 6th though 10th grade.

Music Class (approximate ages 4-8)

This is my first level class designed for younger children {approx ages 4 to 6 } or students with no prior music experience deals with musical opposites: High, Low, Fast , slow, even, uneven, Loud, Soft, beat, no beat and steady beat. Then we start into steady beat, talk about phrases, steps, skips, accent, a little bit of sol-fedge which is (Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, te do), Conducting (Start, Stop, End),  we only deal briefly with Do and So in this class.   We end the year with learning how to read rhythm in a way the public schools learn it Ta’s and Te, Te’s and rests, (This is called Koda’y).

This is a reduced description,  if you would like to see my complete curriculum guide, I will be happy to share it with you. . This is a good time to get started in the music classes during January of 2016

Music Class 2 (ages 8-12+)

We will review the quarter, barred eighth note and the quarter rest and then we

Students learning rhythm by playing drums

Students learning rhythm by playing drums

will add three   triplet feel patterns found in compound time (6/8 patterns) We learn to read, perform and play the patterns, then  how to identify the patterns.   This class is designed for students who are older or have been through all of my music classes: but those inexperienced should be able to pick up the concepts taught in this class.     {Approx 10 and older are involved in these classes.}    We will hear, read it, play it and Identify it.  We will review reading notes in treble clef and add bass clef this year and talk about the Grand Staff.  They will play it, write it, read it and walk it on the staff.  We will also learn intervals of steps, skips, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,  6th and octave.  Students will be required by the end of the class to find the letter names on the staff and identify it in Bass and Treble clef.  Then we start with solfege Do, re, me, and so.  We will learn how to write do, re, me, so,   and talk about the difference between a step and a skip.  They will  understand the sounds of steps and skips.  We will write it on the staff, play it , hear it, sing it and walk it on the staff.  At the end we will take the rhythms from the beginning of the year quarter, barred eighth note, quarter rest and the triplet patterns and mix them with the solfege where we will read the rhythm, read the solfege, play it, jump it sing it and write it…no matter where Do is on the staff. We will be able to play the passage with a moveable do on our mallet orff instruments.  We use games to drill the concepts taught in this music class.  This is a good time to start in January 2016.


Art  Class (approximate ages 8- 12)

art class birdsDraw What You See Art Class combines instruction on basic drawing skills along with time for personal drawing projects. Drawing skills such as contour drawing, negative space, and lighting will be introduced; different medias will be explored. Additionally, each child will choose a drawing project they can work on in class and throughout the week. This isn’t an “arts & crafts” time but rather a “Draw What You See” class. Supply list includes pencils, erasers, colored pencils and sketchbook. Ages 4-8 should also bring markers and/or crayons. Additional supplies may be needed throughout the year, however they will be inexpensive.

New students may come in during January 2016


Writing Class (Upper Elementary, Middle and High School)

Writing Skills is a class which uses the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum. IEW developed this curriculum to give children the building blocks for easy and effective writing. Those building blocks are the same for all ages so this class can span many grades. The source paragraphs and homework will be grade appropriate but the concepts can be taught to several grades at the same time. 1-2 writing assignments will be given each week with estimated time commitment being 1 ½ hrs each week. Parents will be given the means to check homework. Grades will be given in a fun and motivating manner. Supply list is pencils/pens, paper, and IEW notebook ($19). Coming into this class now is possible but will have a little learning curve


Computer Class: (Upper Elementary, Middle and High School)

We will spend the beginning of the year learning the how to edit movies with Windows Movie Maker. This class will consist of a lot of hands on movie making skills.  If there is time after we have conquered Windows movie maker we will learn how to create a website in Wix @


Speech Class:(Anyone)

We will learn how the mechanics Speech Introduction, body and conclusion to speeches.  Vocal expression, Eye contact, creativity.  Many presentations will be delivered, persuasive speeches, informative speeches, entertainment speeches.  If we can we will join competitions to better our speeches.  We may even spend a little time with parliamentary procedure.   Students will have to do some work on preparation of speeches at home.




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